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I just finished with the Winter Maintenance, of which the main, and biggest thing that I did was to pull the Forks, and send then to Traxxion for a Spring Kit. Not the AK-20's , but just Springs. While Max, and the gang had the forks in GA, working their Magic. I was back in TX. doing my thing. Air filter, front brake pads, Front tire, EC's Flasher by-pass, adding wiring to the front on both sides for future projects that may need wiring under the shelter, trunk lid adjusting, adding Rodent screens to the air tubes, and generally cleaning things up, and tiding up the Honda wiring mess.

I received the Forks back from Traxxion last week after some waiting due to adverse weather.

What I noticed out of the box.

They looked Brand New! I almost didn't want to touch them they looked so good.

I couldn't compress them more than about 1/8 inch, maybe 1/4 in, with my body weight ( I am 5'11" and 180 ) ( with the Stock Left fork I could compress it just about 1 1/4 inch ))

On reinstallation I mounted them back Flush with the top of the tree. I had to hit the jack a couple of licks to get the tire back on. After it was totally reassembled, the first thing that I noticed was that the jack came out with over twice the clearance than it had before, in fact I had to take the top cup off to get it under the Trike. There is plenty of clearance now.
When I sat on it, it didn't sag any. I tried to lean way forward to see if it was going to settle just a little as it normally did, NOPE just sit there! It was also very apparent that it was sitting up a little higher. I now have to tip toe it back out of the garage.

Today it was finally sunny, and dry. I took it out for a little ride to just see if it was as good as advertised, ( No real question about that ) MAN what a DIFFERENCE there is in the handling!!! Slow speed, and on the Hi-Way. No mushiness in a turn what so ever, and Zero dipping in a slow turn, and using a brake. After just a very short distance I noticed that the E-Z Steer seemed to be a little sensitive at speed?? Well now wonder! The handle bars, and the Front Wheel were moving at the same time. No lag time for the forks to catch up with the wheel. This is Great!! I live in the country area, and the back roads just aren't the best, even in the West. I ran down the roads that I have been using for the last year, and thought that they had came out, and worked the surface over. The bumps, and knots were still there, but no where as noticeable as in the past.

I went by a parking lot, and did a few figure 8's, real slow, and up to 15 mph. The response is there on the money, and not a single sign of sag, or lag in the front end. I found a good stretch of smooth road, and then did the stop test.

Before the Traxxion Springs, and AD Disabled. It would bottom out at as slow as 10 mph with hard front brake. I did a hard rear brake at 15 mph, with a slight dip in the front. Hummm This is nice. I did a hard front brake 20 mph, with just about the same slight dip in the front. OK lets give her the TEST! 45 mph Full Panic Stop. I absolutely could not believe it!! It seemed as if the front end hardly dip any at all, it did but it didn't seem like it. I measured the marks in the forks 2 1/8 inch dive. That cant be right, they should have dipped more than that! OK lets do it again. I wiped off the forks, and did it again. Same thing. 2 1/8 inch dip. Cant get any better than that, not even close to bottoming out.

The ride it self is really hard to describe it is so good. It seems to float down the road, and the handling is so much better, that a word description is almost impossible. There is just a feeling to it now that it didn't have before the spring kit was installed. The response is 5 to 8 times more noticeable than before, and the added ground clearance is also felt. The only adjustment that I am going to have to make is to lower the head lights to compensate for the extra height in the front.

This was the single most improved thing that I have done to the Trike.

I cant wait do get some serious riding in with this set up now.

Thanks Max and Crew.

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Nice review....

What did the front end cost???

What all did you replace???

you can PM if you want to keep this private.

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