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Any Interest in a trike meet & greet at 2007 Hoot

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I have been thinking about posting this for a while but wondered if there would be any interest.

I think it would be great fun to meet as many of you trikers as possible. 2007 will be Tina and my 3rd Hoot and our 2nd on our trike. One morning during the last Hoot we met with another couple, Dick and Sharon Gamage at the Cracker Barrel at exit 108 off I75 north of Knoxville. Everybody that saw our trikes immediately lost interest in any of the bikes parked there. I just thought it would really be neat if a lot of us could get together for breakfast there and then maybe go for a ride - say out the Foothills Parkway, the Dragon and then the Cherohala Skyway. I already have the ride mapped and it is about 5-6 hours. We and the Gamages rode it last June and it is a great scenic and fun route.

Out of the (today) 11,916 members of, only 99 have voted that they have a trike, so we are a small group. But from what I read, we are a great bunch of friendly, helpful folks.

So - are any of you coming to the Hoot next year? It is June 20-23 with early-bird registration Tuesday afternoon the 19th.

Would any of you be interested in a Breakfast or lunch or even dinner meet and greet? How about a ride together?

I added a poll to see if there is any interest.

My preference is to meet for breakfast around 8:30 Tuesday the 19th and then go for a ride and be back in time for the early-bird registration. (You'll love the fried jalepenos at the Marriot)

For information on Hoot 2006 see:

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Nothing new for a week but it looks like there is some real interest in a meet-greet-eat and ride for next June.

I'll revive this string in April or May and see if there is still interest.

I think it would be great fun.

Don aka Beastie
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