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Hi people,

I tried to get the 3/16" or 1/4" plastic tube at wallymart but they didn't have it. I was back home in garage staring at the problem when I spotted a roll of PVC extrusion that is used for holding the flyscreen into aluminum frames.

Thought to self, "hmm, looks about right."

Slopped plenty of wd40 on the PVC and started it into the rubber seal of the lid. Hit a snag at the first corner but pulled and slopped more wd40 on the pvc and stuffed it in again. Got to the next corner and snagged. Repeated the wd40 and got almost half way.

I pulled it out, slopped again and went in from the other side several times until I had a good covering of wd40 on the inside of the rubber seal. Finally was able to push it all the way round with ease. Cut the ends off and damn me it works perfectly.

The lid sits about 1/8" off the bottom part and I hosed it down with a garden hose to test for leaks and no water inside. Wheeeeee.

Total time 4 minutes, total cost zip as the pvc was left over from a rescreening some months back. I never throw anything out.
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