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....Another method of repair is the Hotcha Repair Kit that was sold to repair the Vetter Fairings early on and is still available from various sources including Craig Vetter via;

I have used this kit on various ABS parts for the past 30+ years and it is the quickest way to repair parts or make attachments to ABS. However it is kinda expensive $$$$ which is why ABS Cement is the prefered method for those on a budget.
Yep, having used it myself years ago on a few different Windjammer fairings, I can vouch for the effectiveness and quality of the Hotcha Repair Kit. I'm pleased it is still available.

What I would do is get you a few pieces of flat ABS scraps. I'd take the inner liner out of the trunk lid, heat a slab of the ABS scrap, and apply it to the inside of the trunk lid as it cools. You now have a piece of shaped ABS material to "glue" to the inside of the trunk lid with the Hotcha cement. That should be plenty can even drill through it again if you want to re-mount the luggage rack.

Bottom line: The Hotcha Repair Kit rox!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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