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Whatever happened to the turbo wing that was on the forum last year. Last I knew the builder had made a couple of trial runs and was still working the bugs out. Has there been an update lately?

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FYI ...

I've got the original prototype
... it has the all "plumbing" and turbo installed but all we did was prove
it needs a secondary ECM controller too.
Mine does not have the secondary ECM controller.

George has the 2nd bike and it has an ECM controller installed.
Due to various reasons ((world meltdown of venture capital)
we've never completely got the #2 bike "dialed in" although
George has put almost 20K miles on it with no ill effects
... but, it does not seem to have the kind of "off the line"
acceleration increase I was hoping for.
I think more R&D would solve that problem.
George does describe large mid range and high end improvments
(... he can now bury the speedo needle)

I'm waiting for two things:
1) a "dialed in" ECM controller (testing done on dynometer)
2) a revised pressure pipe (the one I have "rubs" a little)

If I get those two items by early summer, I'll finish mine and let ya'll
know how it is ...
... the enthusiasm for the whole project kind of disappeared with the
economic turn down and the realization the cost for the kit would
be in the ball park of $8500.

If I can't get mine finished and running then one of two things will happen:
1) I'll restore it back to "stock" and sell it
2) I'll sell it "as is" if somone wants to keep the dream alive ...

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