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Just returned from a great trip this past weekend with my buddies. I planned the route and led the group to our destination deep into the Sierra Mountains. I chose every "off-the-beaten-path" road I could find. It was pure heaven!! About a ten hour day on the road including rest stops, with a majority in the twisties. We arrived to our destination beat, but extremely satisfied and overall pleased with the day. But I've gotta say that we wuz whooped! When we turned in for the night I know I was out cold before the sleeping bag got warm (camping trip too). Fortunately we had a lay over day of fishing before we turned for home.

Our trip home included a more direct path, which included more sweepers than twisties and much more super slab highways. We all commented how nice the going in was, but how nice and definitely more relaxing the cruise home was. It's all good, but sometimes a man just has to get on the open highway and let the ponies run at a steady speed. But again I say it's all good!

Ride safe y'all, and often!

Greg :flg:
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