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Two Ride reports a GW can't do.

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I just stumbled on this site, Dirt Tract Production:

Here are a couple of links to their movies you can order:

Riding Solo To The Top Of the World

One Crazy Ride
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Great Video's! Thanks for sharing. That was extremely interesting! :eek:4:
I've got the Riding Solo to the Top of the World and it's GREAT!!!
Videos like Riding Solo to the Top of the World is one reason why I have a Dual Sport Bike (BMW F650). While I don't put quite the miles on it that I put on the Wing; while on the F650, I don't hesitate to leave the pavement and go exploring. It's a real hoot and one finds oneself in some exquisite and quiet places away from the maddening crowd.
Thanks for posting!!!

If I was just a tad younger that might not look so crazy!:22yikes:
I, too, own Riding Solo to the Top of the World. I find it a lot more interesting than Long Way Round and Long Way Down. He did it Solo--NO SUPPORT. A video worth your time and money.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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