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Trying to get a handle on who and how many are coming.

I just sent out about 100 emails requesting info on who might be attending. Of course some are getting returned with bad addresses.

If you do not receive an email please email me if you are going to be there. Prefer names (rider & co-riders) and where you are staying. We may try to get some name badges made.

Looking forward to seeing everyone

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85 names and counting. I know of several folks like Jerry, BlueTrawler, lucky Wilber, Joy that I haven't heard form yet.

We're gonna have a blast.

:yes: :yes: :yes:

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Well Steve, I'll be there but I didn't get no email from you. I will be solo arriving from Irving on Friday. That is if I can escape from the Railhead Smoke BBQ joint in Colleyville on Thursday night. LOL
Seriously, I should arrive between 12 and 2 Friday. Lookin' forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new riders.


[email protected] will get me

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Julie and I are coming down Thursday night staying at BW on Thursday and Hampton on FRI and SAT.

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