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there is a little drizzle this morning, sun will be out and here is the forcast:

Today Mar 19 AM Clouds / PM Sun 81°/62° 0 %
Sat Mar 20 AM Clouds / PM Sun 82°/59° 0 %
Sun Mar 21 Few Showers 71°/54° 30 %
Mon Mar 22 Cloudy 73°/55° 10 %

We are going to have so much fun! Wish all of you could be there.
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Wish I could have stayed. Got up this morning to a light drizzle and decided to cancel my ride today and head for the barn. GREAT gathering! Last I knew there were over 100 bikes signed up and people were still coming in. Great time (for the one day I could enjoy it). Thanks to Fred H. for checking out my bike (everything O.K.). Rode in drizzle until I got north of Kileen and then things started to brighten up. Sure hope the folks in Marble Falls had clearing weather today. I also hope they win the prizes I couldn't be part of! Oh well, it was a great ride down, a great ride yesterday and a so-so ride today. But a day on the bike beats a day at work, regardless of the weather.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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