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Hi everyone.

Looking for any suggestions I can try to help me get past my inability to update my "new" 2018 DCT.

Picked it up on Friday. It currently has 78 miles on it. It also has the original firmware.

I downloaded the appropriate file (swdl.iso) from the Honda site.

Per the instructions, I formatted a 32 GB USB 2.0 thumb drive with NTSB format. I then copied the update file to the thumb drive. I then checked to make certain that the copy on the thumb drive was identical (bit by bit comparison) to the downloaded version of the file.

I then went to the motorcycle which was completely turned off. I inserted the thumb drive into the USB connector that was located in the center storage compartment. (I have a non-airbag DCT tour)

I then turned the ignition switch twice to the right, engaging the accessory position. The headlight initially comes on, and then of course goes off.

Instead of displaying the "opportunity to update" window, the bike takes a moment, and the Honda display comes on and then fades, and then the warning to operate the bike in a safe manner appears. The bike would then be ready to start.

If I have the audio mode set to USB, the bike correctly displays the fact that there are no music files on the USB stick. Also, if I substitute a USB stick that has music on it, the bike will display and begin to play the files correctly.

I took a second USB 3.0 thumb drive (32 GB in size) and repeated the entire process with the exact same result.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions. I contacted the dealer, and they will try to get to Honda tech support by Tuesday evening. They are not open Monday. Thanks in advance for any help!

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