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Uni-go Trailers

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Looking at purchasing a new or slightly used Uni-go Triler. The one's that have one how do you like it, how well does it track, pros & cons. Would like to purchase one before the Wing Ding in September.
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rmiller, just saw your question. May I suggest you post your question on the mc trailer sub-forum? Would probably get more views/responses there as Unigo is a fairly popular trailer.

I love my Unigo. Last year I pulled it 5,000 miles on our Colorado/Utah trip. I have never once felt the weight of the trailer and literally forget it's back there. I only take it on multi week trips as I prefer not to pull a trailer at all but if I must pull a trailer I knew I wanted a single wheel trailer that would track with the bike in the same line. On our past Colorado trip I mentioned we carved many a corner at speeds fast enough the Mrs wrapped me on the helmet and I never once felt the Unigo.

I like it more now that I have learned how to pack it. Due to its unique shape inside I find that traditional luggage or satchels did not work well as the luggage needs to conform to the shape of the Unigo in order to utilize all the limited space (compared to other full size trailers). So my wife and I started to pack our cloths in 13gal trash bags that would easily conform to the shape of the trailer. My wife packs a bunch of crap and IMO the Unigo is just right for two people.

Another plus is that on our Colorado trip I spoke of I simply unhooked the Unigo and wheeled it right into our hotel room at the Red Arrow and unpacked it from inside our room. Same thing when it was time to pack up and leave. Very handy.

The down side for some might be the limited space. It in no way compares to the space available in a traditional two wheel trailer, however, it has met our needs just fine.

Be glad to answer any other questions you got,
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Don't know if you already purchased, but all the above is absolutely correct.

I would add that weight distribution is doubly important in a single wheel trailer. Incorrect distribution may cause a high speed wobble. Nothing BAD... but you'll feel it and it's not a good feeling.

Keep heavy items on the bottom. Try to pack where items won't move around.

Also, the bracket that connects the trailer to the hitch will wear quickly if left dry. I spray a little chain wax on the bracket and pin. That made a huge difference, and keeps things quiet when in motion. (I also spray a bit of wax on the suspension spring.)
we carved many a corner at speeds fast enough the Mrs wrapped me on the helmet and I never once felt the Unigo.
Be glad to answer any other questions you got,
Maybe it was just her way to say,... "I'm here and I Love You"... Or NOT! >:)
The Uni-go tracks along with the rear wheel of your motorcycle. When you lean, it leans. I have never experienced any sway or hop. Another plus is that you can continue to ride to the left or right of center lane and away from the oil and debris build-up as the trailer follows along directly behind you. Its more difficult to do this with 2-wheeled trailers. As already stated, you can wheel it right into your hotel room. Backing the uni-go up is a little more difficult than a larger two-wheeled trailer. I find moving my handlebars side to side while backing up helps. You will be surprised how much gear it holds.
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