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FWIW . . . I have seen several posts in muli forums where a member stated a left fairing pocket 12V power accessory socket "can't" be installed on 2009 Wings due to insufficent room, the obstruction being the lever and cabling for the Comfort Package Foot Warmer flap vents. Other membrs have stated similar problems for (uncertain) reasons on 2006+ Wings.

If you have that obstruction problem, do not mount the socket in the cross-hair marked location on the front, forward-facing vertical wall of the pocket.

Mount the socket, instead, on the diagonal vertical wall. When seated on the bike this would be at the right side, right front corner of the pocket. There is room at the location for the female tube of the socket to fit.

I have not done this install yet myself, but these advices were noted from reviewing the installation instructions for a 12V power socket in the Big Bike / Show Chrome catalog, via website (they have downlaoadble PDF installation instruction files you can review before you purchase the accessories).

Just figured I'd pass the info along. PRESUMABLY, the additional clearance space available behind the DIAGONAL right front corner of the fairiing pocket should provide ample enough clearance space for power sockets regardless of who the manufacturer is, because the Big Bike socket did not appear to be a "shorty" model - it APPEARED to be of standard length.
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