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Using Google Advanced Search to search the forum. It's faster and more refined. I know this has been posted on the General Board, but I'm putting it here since some only visit this board.

You can get much better results if you use Google to search this forum for specifics. Say you want to search for "install seat heater" - Currently with the board search that will get you any thread with "seat" "install" or "heater" in it.... you have to refine it spending a long long time running through threads to find out how to "install a seat heater."

Instead, open a new window or tab and go to

or and click "Advanced Search"

You can refine the search to use all the words, exact phrase or whatever.

The trick is to put in the field at the bottom.

Search within a site or domain:

It's faster and more refined. Takes less time. Sometimes you won't get a direct link or it will be dead because of archiving (worse since the board's been moved and revamped), but it will help narrow down your search.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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