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I have a couple questions for the more mechanically intuitive. I went to check the valve clearance this weekend and found the specs in both metric and sae. The metric obviously provides much more granularity but I was not able to find any metric feeler guages that offered more than the sae version I have which has .005, ....6,7,8,9, .010 which provides more of a go no go check but when I look at the shims available they offer much finer percision in metric. How are other folks dealing with this?

Another question, my #1 and #2 exhaust valves are out of spec ( or close to it ). #1 exhaust was a loose .010 with the tension on the cam chain released as described in the shop manual. I was curious so I checked it with the tension on the cam and it was right in spec with the other exhaust valves at .009. I am curious that under the operating conditions of the bike the cam chain tensioners are providing tension. Can someone explain why the measurement is made with cam chain tensioner pressure released?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Thanks in advance

Con Wieland
'01 illusion red
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