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What's the shortest time a front tire has lasted?

  • One day

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  • One week

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  • Two weeks

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  • Three weeks

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  • 4 weeks

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  • 6 weeks

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  • 2 Months

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  • 3 Months

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  • More than a season

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Virgin's Rubber

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I remember putting 3 sets of rears on my 56 Chevy in one night.

I put a new front tire on the wing every couple months.

Not on the track, but:
Has anyone wore out a brand new front wing tire in one day? :shrug:
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No comment...not gonna jinx myself...:popcorn:

I'm glad someone finally asked this question..:excited:

To get exceptional wear out of my front tire..

I wrap a naysayer around it first.
My preferred method is to use duct tape of sense in wasting good tie wraps to hold them on.If and when they fall off,people behind me just think they are road kill and ride over them too.:thumbup:

The plus side is..They pick up nail punctures first.

The down side is.They whine like hell when I go into a turn..:wrong:

The Advantage for them is-They get to see how wrong they are as they watch my rear tire in action.(I 'm not sure if they like that part or not?) and that part is Priceless!!:22yikes:
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A suggestion for Rocky.

Ahhh one of my favorite re-caps is still with us..:nojoke:
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