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Vstream windshield

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Installed the windshield today.Will take it off.Flexs too much,bends back to almost chin level at 80mph.Has rainbows when wearing sunglasses. Didn't see any wind improvement at all.Will call monday and sent it back.
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Installed the Vstream last night and took it for a short ride today. It was quite windy here in Lancaster, CA. Slightly less buffetting than OEM, but not by much. I will have to wait for a nicer day before I make up my mind. I got a great real on it: $ 112.
Want to share who is selling that cheap I would try it for that price Thanks
Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Haven't been on the forum for a few days. I got it from chrome world. I had ordered it two months ago. I checked their web site and the price has almost doubled. Must have been a promotional price. Sam
1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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