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Vstream windshield

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Installed the windshield today.Will take it off.Flexs too much,bends back to almost chin level at 80mph.Has rainbows when wearing sunglasses. Didn't see any wind improvement at all.Will call monday and sent it back.
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Did you send it back?

I really wanted to convince myself that I liked the V-Stream. But after 200 miles of testing, I pulled mine off repackaged and will return. I plan on ordering the F4. I think the flexing at highway speeds for several miles would be quite annoying. When it was completely down it performed pretty well. Keep in mind if you order a vented one you will need to order an OEM vent and grill for a 2008 Wing. The after-market had a 1/4in gap at the bottom corners and would not stay in place. I think I will order the F4 without a vent, the vent never really did much for me anyway.
Have you sent this back yet? If not, how much would you like for it? I ride with my screen all the down. This still looks like it will help me and the wife.
1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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