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I had a tall Tulsa and replaced it at CatsCade '07 with an F4+4. I was taken by the manufacturer's display with a windshield wiper wrapped in steel wool going back and forth over his shield without scratching the surface.

It sheds rain drops with ease, provided it is kept clean of bug guts. I always clean the shield after a day's ride when traveling, but I got caught in a downpour once in late afternoon, after riding all day on a cross-country trip, and, being covered in a lot of bug guts, it didn't fair any better than any other windshield. The rain streaked the guice of the bugs all over the shield.

What I learned on other subsequent trips, is to clean the shield as I always did, but also just before getting into a thunder shower, if I notice the shield full of dead bugs.

Also, I think that the F4s are the only shields that you can apply a coat of Rain-X to its surface without any harm, as I do.

1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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