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Vstream windshield

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Installed the windshield today.Will take it off.Flexs too much,bends back to almost chin level at 80mph.Has rainbows when wearing sunglasses. Didn't see any wind improvement at all.Will call monday and sent it back.
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I really wanted to convince myself that I liked the V-Stream. But after 200 miles of testing, I pulled mine off repackaged and will return. I plan on ordering the F4. I think the flexing at highway speeds for several miles would be quite annoying. When it was completely down it performed pretty well. Keep in mind if you order a vented one you will need to order an OEM vent and grill for a 2008 Wing. The after-market had a 1/4in gap at the bottom corners and would not stay in place. I think I will order the F4 without a vent, the vent never really did much for me anyway.
Jerry Roebke wrote:

makes this the most stable upright Lexan windsield I have ever tried to date and I have had a few in the past 49 years.

Dang Jerry you must have stock in the company. I tested this thing for 200 miles and even behind a pick-up on a back road it was flexing. On the interstate passing a 18 wheeler it was the worse flexing that I have seen in 37 years of riding. It gave very little if any more wind protection than the stock shield. The vent didn't fit, 1/4 in gap in the corners. Now the looks, it looks really cool on the bike. Oh well I guess we all have our opinions. Maybe I just got one from a bad batch and Cajun must have got one from a really bad batch!
My F4 +4 ships tomorrow.
I paid $127.95 for the vented one from Chrome World and the non-vented was $115.00. I just received their sales mag and it was listed the same. If you check their web site I believe they list it much higher. They were nice to deal with and accepted mine back along with the aftermarket vent. If you buy a vented one you will need an OEM vent from a 2008 GL1800.
If you call and tell them it was listed in their sales Brochure for the above prices, I am most sure they will ship you one. I did pay $12.00 for shipping.

Installed my F4 +4 today and hope to test it tomorrow. Good Luck!
Yes I shipped back to Chrome World and ordered the F4 + 4 non-vented. It is well worth the additional money for the F4 in my opinion. If you ride with the shield completely down and like looking over instead of through then it's OK. I could not tell any difference between the stock and the V-stream in the down position. I would check the return policy and be sure I could return the shield if I wasn't happy. On the F4 I had a guarantee that if I wasn't satisfied that I could return after 2 weeks of use. The V-stream is worth a try for the price if you are sure you can return it because it's not for everyone and keep in mind you usually get what you pay for.
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