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Please join us in welcoming our newest supporting vendor Motopumps!

Visit them at

Thanks! Glad to be here.

Let me tell you a little about myself, and the history of as we enter our 10th year in business.

I am Rob, the rider and inventor behind the MotoPumps business. I grew up and live in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. I got my first bike in 1979, a slightly used 1979 XL185s. I still have that bike and it still runs! Here is a shot of me riding in 1979.

I just sold my pristine '72 Honda CB350F to a collector in Argentina, so the Honda fleet now includes:

1979 XL185s
1989 NT650 Hawk GT x2
1999 XR200R
2013 Gold Wing F6B Deluxe
2014 Interceptor Deluxe

The MotoPumps business started, quite by accident, in 2005. I got 3 flat tires in less than 6 weeks, the last one on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, on a weekend trip down to Ocean City Maryland. After getting flatbedded off the Tpk, wasting half a day in a dealership and paying $380, we were on our way again. I swore I would become self sufficient and carry the proper tools to deal with a roadside flat.

When we got home, I went out and bought a few 12v inflators and tire plugging kits and started trying them, experimenting with making them as small and light as possible, packaging, etc. After showing a few fellow riders, and folks at my local dealership, I got a lot of suggestions that I should start making more and selling the pumps. We started on eBay, and MotoPumps was born. I became a Campbell Hausfeld dealer for pump sub assemblies and got busy.

This is a Deluxe version of the MotoPump, now called the Classic model:

The kit might look familiar to you as it has been widely copied in the last 10 years. Yeah, I should have patented the design...

Between 2005 I built about 6,000 pumps, each with my own two hands. My biggest issue was that I was spending more time building pumps than anything else. I was terrified of getting a huge order that I couldn't quickly fulfill and we purposely didn't advertise or go to shows. In 2013 I finally got an opportunity to work with a great company in California that helped me with engineering, R&D and factory production of the pump I wanted to build and sell. I was able to incorporate all the features, functionality, light weight, performance and compact size into the design that I knew, as a rider, would make the MotoPump the best inflator on the market. We worked through many designs and I kept saying smaller, lighter, more heavy duty, no plastic, has to be all metal gears, no short duty cycle, no heat problems, no lubrication required, needs an accurate gauge you can read, etc.

In December of 2013, at the New York International Motorcycle Show, we debuted the new MotoPumps Mini Pro inflator.

Because of the engineering expertise and excellent factory connection, we had also gotten an impressive set of certifications with the product: The factory is ISO9001/TS16949/ISO14001. The Mini Pro is TUV certified, RoHS compliant and CE certified. There is no other pump on the market with this pedigree.

Here are a few photos:


Compact 2" x 4.7" x 5.75" High Impact Case
Light Weight at 18oz with Accessories On-Board
Main power cord with SAE plug 6.5' reach Stores Onboard
Cig plug to SAE cord 3.5" reach for a total of 10' Stores Onboard
Integrated Polarity Protection Circuit lights up if Polarity is Reversed (instead of letting all the smoke out)
Durable Polyurethane 3' Coiled Air Hose with Zero Loss Connector stores Onboard.
Three "sports" inflator fittings store on board for inflating sleeping pads, rafts, balls, etc. Stores Onboard.
Accurate, back-lit pressure gauge is easy to read in any lighting condition.
Bright LED light automatically illuminates and makes it a snap to use the MiniPro at night.
Deluxe kits will also include additional connectors, ring terminal to SAE for installation on the vehicle and battery clips for use with any 12v system, as well as a durable neoprene case with a second storage compartment.
The pump draws less than 5 amps (CAN bus compatible!) and is rated to 50 psi no limit on run time. It will fill a standard rear motorcycle tire (150/70/17) to 38 psi in just under 5 minutes. The pump moves about .5 CFM for those thinking about filling rafts, sleeping mats, etc.

The Standard kit comes with an SAE plug and a Cig plug, BMW style plug available upon request at no extra charge.

The Deluxe kit includes the above plus a heavy duty neoprene carry case, SAE to Battery clips connector and SAE to ring terminals to install on the bike. If you have a Battery Tender tail already on the bike, the MotoPump will plug right in.

MSRP on the Standard Kit is $69.95 with free US shipping.
MSRP on the Deluxe Kit is $79.95 with free US shipping.

So, what are you getting for your hard earned?

You are getting the most reliable pump on the market with a 5 year warranty to back up the claim. You are getting a pump with a set of features that don't exist in any other pump. LED work light, back-lit, accurate pressure gauge, 3 foot coiled air hose with zero loss connector. Air hose and main power cord and cig plug store on board. Lowest current draw on the market for a full performance pump. Polarity protection. Self lubricating, teflon coated piston rings, no heat issues or run-time limitations. Light 18 oz weight and with the deluxe kit, battery clips and battery tail that all store in the heavy duty neoprene case.

We also have a number of combination kits that include Dynaplug Tubeless Tire plugging tools that make a comprehensive roadside tire repair kit to keep your tour on track, even in the event of a flat tire.

The first year selling the MotoPumps Mini Pro was successful well beyond our expectations. We came to market with a 1 year warranty, but had so few (One, yes one!) warranty claims, that we decided to move to a 5 year warranty, and include all the previously sold units in that coverage. The product is THAT reliable.

We also won a prestigious award from the Moto Press at magazine.

Honorable mention translates to coming in second place to Aerostich's new Roadcrafter 3 one piece riding suit. Not bad!

So, head over to and look around the site. Let me know what questions you have and I will do my best to answer them.

To get things started, we will offer a special to GL1800 Riders. Purchase the Standard MotoPump kit for $69.95 and send a message via PayPal at checkout, via the website or to [email protected] and we will upgrade you to a Deluxe kit at no cost.

For all of you suffering where it is too cold to ride, now is the time to make sure you have the proper tools to be self sufficient on the side of the road come springtime.

Thanks for the warm welcome and Ride Safe!


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Use this $10 off code for a limited time at Good for $10 off on a Standard or Deluxe MotoPumps Mini Pro inflator.




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Purchase MotoPumps with a discount here

You can add multiple items to your cart by clicking on the add to cart button and then returning to select another item.

Deluxe MotoPump Mini Pro kit $69.99 (Pump, SAE conncector, BMW/CIG plug, Neoprene Case, Battery Clips, Battery Ring Terminals to SAE (think Battery Tender Tail) to mount on the bike)

Standard MotoPump Mini Pro Kit $59.99 (Pump, SAE Connector, BMW/CIPG Plug.)

MotoPump and Dynaplug Combination Kits

Deluxe Carbon Ultralite Kit $84.99
These kits include a Deluxe MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator (Pump, SAE conncector, BMW/CIG plug, Neoprene Case, Battery Clips, Battery Ring Terminals to SAE (think Battery Tender Tail) to mount on the bike) --PLUS-- a Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite Tubeless Tire Plugging Tool

Deluxe Ultralite Kit $89.99
These kits include a Deluxe MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator (Pump, SAE conncector, BMW/CIG plug, Neoprene Case, Battery Clips, Battery Ring Terminals to SAE (think Battery Tender Tail) to mount on the bike) --PLUS-- a Dynaplug Ultralite Tubeless Tire Plugging Tool

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