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Which Internet Browser do you use

  • IE (Microsoft) Ver 6 or above

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  • Fire Fox

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  • Google Chrome

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  • Other

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I tried Chrome for awhile when it first came out...... wasn't that impressed & probably didn't hang around long enuf to really give it a thorough look-see.... went back to IE

I did try FireFox 2-3 yrs ago upon recommendation of a tech friend. Maybe it's friendlier now. FireFox didn't seem to communicate very well w/several programs I use - so, again went back to IE.

BULLETIN - made it above freezing in my part of Missouri today for the 1st time since Jan. 3rd ! Supposed to inch near 60 degrees tomorrow..... I'm goin for a ride tomorrow !

Dave / '09 Silver Wing / Farmington, MO.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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