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Which Internet Browser do you use

  • IE (Microsoft) Ver 6 or above

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  • Fire Fox

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  • Google Chrome

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  • Other

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What Browser do you use

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The purpose of this is to get a feel for what Internet Browser, and Operating System, is mostly used. There is an agenda behind this also. The Texas Trike Tour site will be going live in the near future, and there seems to be a formatting problem with some browsers. We would have loved for the software that is being used to be fully compatible, but there seems to be a glitch somewhere. This information may help in the programing. :!:
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Had problems with IE, switched to Firefox. Like it much better. no problems with it at all so far.
I use IE.
I am the first to admit that I am computer challanged. Could I have a little help on these terms, software, etc. I know this is a trike site, but we are talking about the trike tour web site....anyway....

1) Firefox? Is this a softwear and it is used for what?

2) I have AOL and it serves me in my limited use of a computer. When I "search" for something, AOL puts it in Google. It seems that it is the same Google that I get if I put in Is this my "browser"??
Fire Fox is a non-Microsoft browser. It is used for basically the same thing as is IE. If your happy with the interface from AOL, I don't see the need to change. I don't like AOL as it limits the screen and slows down my dial up screen change speed. I do think it probably gives u extra protection from malware. I switched to fire fox because I was having issues with IE. I have stuck with it because of the built in Add Blocker, isn't cracked as much as IE and don't want to depend on MS for everything.
Gwillie, George L. I think that on new computers with Vista and XP you usually have Internet Explorer. However you can change or someone may have changed if you don't have the original that came on the computer.

I downloaded and installed Google Chrome a couple months ago. At first I didn't like it but after a couple weeks , I found:
  • Chrome is faster than Firefox and much faster than IE since it loads concurrently rather than sequentially.
  • Chrome has most of the functionality of IE but a cleaner desktop
  • Chrome keeps less used stuff under the "page" or "tools" icons.
  • Chrome address bar is very intuitive
  • Chrome of course uses Google search
  • Chrome is easy to learn (except for some hard-heads) and very easy to use.

  • chrome is easy to learn (except for some hard-heads) and very easy to use.

ouch :!:
I use IE and Firefox. Mostly because of websites I write at home and at work, need to make sure everything is copacetic in both browsers. (I prefer Firefox just a little better than IE, not by much).

IE was ticking me off on my new Vista laptop, every time I want to close IE it would give a error dialogue box shutdown and restart itself, damn thing did not want to go away. I have not found the exact culprit but I removed all "add ons" and it is behaving perfectly now, can't say that I miss any functionality that the addon were providing... have not like any of the "newer" browsers, Chrome, Safari, etc... They seem to interfere with the operation of Firefox and IE.
Ghost was a program we used which would wipe a hard drive of all data (reformat) and reinstall the proprietary software used by the company. It was easier to just drop the cd with Ghost program into the cd drive and restart the computer system than attempting to look in every nook and cranny for any unauthorized downloads. There were and are other programs out there to do the same thing that Ghost did.
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