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What else do I NEED?

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I just bought my new 2008 goldwing, with NAV and ABS. I had the dealer add the following: Highway pegs, 12 power, luggage rack, rear spoiler w/ light, and fog lights (standard hondaline).

We are going to ride to NM in May, what do you all think I should have on the bike? Anyone have ideas about what luggage fits well on the bike or should I look into bags that fit in the saddle bags?

I did buy helmets with head sets also.

I have thought about getting a heated vest for me, but since the back seat has heat I am not sure if a vest is a good idea or not.

Thanks in advance for all your input.

We take one trip a year cross country, this will be our first trip on the wing and also our first since we adopted our son.
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Utopia backrest.
Where would I find a good back rest?
Utopia and mic-mutes.....dont leave home without them:thumbup:
:thumbup: on Gerbings heated gear. The jacket liner and gloves stay on my bike year round (and I live in Texas). Enjoy the GW. --NN
Along with the above suggestions (Butler mug 32 oz and NM are a no brainer), you might consider passenger armrests (we did Kury's since they had the built-in cup holder). And some Baker-Built mirror wings to knock off most of the air from your hands and most of the buffetting to your SO.
Oh yeah, and the ugliest Kury rack bag you can find. The orange one in my sig pic has about 100,000 miles on it and nobody has stolen it yet!!!! LOL. Really it looked pretty good on the Black Valk, looks like warmed over sh^t on the Wing but who cares???!!! LOL
I would say the first thing to get is a Kasin Tailbalzer-25LED-D.
It is designed for Goldwing 1800 models with the spoiler LED light-bar,
Then Muth Mirrors with the blut tint, Amber fog light covers from EC and a back rest.
I like safety items first, then let the chrome begin. :thumbup:
Yes, the Kisan tailblaser is a great idea. Also a CB radio.


make sure to look into the Navi update thread here on this site to make sure you have the latest navigation updates.
take with you

Take a small compressor (you need to get wired for it). There was a thread a day or 2 ago discussing ways to top up tire pressure and/or put air into a tire that may need repair or replacement. Some people talked of carrying bottles of CO2 and slime. I was lucky enough to find a small compressor that fit nicely into the small part of the saddlebag compartment nearest the taillight. It doesn't interfere at all with the saddlebag liners.:cool:
Oh, and take your GWRRA Goldbook - the contacts can be invaluable, especially when you're far away from home.:cool:
Oh, and take your GWRRA Goldbook - the contacts can be invaluable, especially when you're far away from home.

What is this and where should I get one?
Backrest - plugkit for the tires just in case - small pump / air comp- for me it was a trailer
I am not surprised at some of the suggestions.
BUT ....
How about a cute well built blonde with a large set of built in backrests for you (heated), that fits well on the back seat. Is willing to learn, and has plenty of money to share with you.
That doesn't mind sharing you with her girlfriends.
Well that would be nice if I wasn't married to the best damn thing that eve walked into my life. Besides I don't like large back rests.

But a good thought for a single guy.
The goldbook is published by the Goldwing Road Riders Association. The largest Goldwing riders group in the world. You get the book along with your membership when you join. Look for a chapter in your area. I'd suggest googling GWRRA CHapter and then your city or the nearest large city to your location. They are friendly folks and would be glad to help you.

Here is their website - you can search for a local chapter.

Good Luck!

Along with some other suggestions above, how about a belly pan? Extra insurance.....
Strictly for traveling convienence:

Hondaline Saddlebag Liners

Or for more capacity Pakit Rak

To protect your bike

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