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I've had a bunch and now use and prefer the 32GB Creative Zen X-fi flash player. It comes with good software that makes if very easy to create playlists. You can also just drag and drop using Windows explorer. It comes with a USB cable to synch/charge and as recommended at on the forum below by one of the moderators I got a Motorola AC cell phone charger at for $1.65 to charge in hotels, the Zen AC charger would be $25.
Battery is good for 20-30 hrs between charges depending on your backlight settings and if you do a lot of video etc.
Lots of great info here:
Then click the "forum" button in the upper right

I dropped my wing riding on icy roads this past weekend and my flash based Zen is working fine. I guess it could have been different if it were a hard drive player.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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