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Kicking around getting out of motorcycling for a while. Can anyone give me an idea of what my bike and trailer are worth. Both in good shape.

03 Candy Apple Red Goldwing 44,100 miles
Hondaline Fog Lights
Trunk spoiler
Kuryakyn trunk and saddlebag chrome moulding with lights
Chrome wheels
Bushtec v.2 deluxe hitch
Tulsa OEM +2 windshiled, also Windbender HP+2 and Honda stock shield
Ultimate mid rider seat with driver backrest and Honda stock seat
Brand new rear wheel and tire
Hondaline fairing deflectors
Garmin 2820 GPS with XM radio, traffic and weather antennea
Ram mount for GPS
All Kennedy harnesses to power and use GPS and cell phone through either Aux or Intercom
Kuryakyn Rotor Covers
extended warranty through 5/1/10
extra pair of mirros with turn signals (unknown brand)
J7M Elite headset (used 3 times) with upper and lower cords

05 Bushtec Quantum Gl bought new in 8/05
matching Candy Apple Red
carpeted, chrome tongue, cooler and rack
Older Garment bag


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The best way to determine this is to get on eBay or and see what other '03's are selling for. Not what they are ASKING, but what people are actually bidding. I have seen some '03's go for as much as $13,000. It depends a lot on the time of year. I would consider selling the GPS separately. Not everyone would want that feature and it is probably worth $500 or more by itself.

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Ebay your accessories they add little if anything to your bike. I would say
03 with 45K-10,800
05 trailer- 3k
accessories 2k
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