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What is the best Oil, Fuel, Tires, and Windshield?

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Sorry... I just couldn't resist! :wrong::eek:4:
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:popcorn:This could be interesting :popcorn:
Whatever trips your personal trigger! :yes1:
All of the above!

Um....what was the question? I already know the answer is 42!

:bow: :coffee1:
Oil: Dollar general $1.65/qt, better than most

Fuel: 50/50 mix of 93 octane & diesel burns great & higher mileage

Tires: For best traction change rear to 17" & use race track takeoffs

Windshield: For best visibility and air flow, cut 18" off of stock shield
You left out "crush washers".
Think there are as many answers as there are bike owners. The important things are as follows

the oil should be slippery

the fuel should be a liquid petroleum product

the tires should be rubber

the windshield should be clear enough to see through

we can hopefully all agree on most of the above

good riding
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Dang, no one mentioned CTs:evil::shock::shock:
For Harleys or Goldwings?
extra-virgin olive oil, seasoned oak, and the one on a goldwing.
Mine's better than yours :thumbup: :shrug: :popcorn:
Dang, no one mentioned CTs:evil::shock::shock: brought it up! :excited::yes1:
Amsoil is coming out with a gas additive, tire line, and windshield line.

There won't be a need to ask these type of questions anymore :lol:
I assume this is a serious post. So, my answer for the best windshield is the Harley Davidson shield.;););););)
Well.... in order: fresh, clean, new, and washed....:joke:
Hey, what about that MOST important item - wax? We all tend to agree on everything else, but wax seems to be where the real issues and disagreements begin!
I'll call Tim!!:lol::lol::lol:


1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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