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What is this Body part and can I replace it???? 2014 GL1800 comfort/navi/abs

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I have a 2014 Candy Prominence Red GL1800 comfort/navi/abs. I managed to scratch a colored plastic piece of the body that sits on the tank pretty badly and for cosmetic reasons want to just replace it. The piece is shaped like a "U". The sides of the "U" sit on either side of the gas tank cover. It sits on the tank between the tip of the riders seat and the bottom of the shelter. It looks like it's a relatively small piece that can be easily replaced. I don't know what this piece is called but I'd like to be able to purchase the replacement. Does anyone know what this is and how I can order it? It looks like it may be held by grommets and that you could just pull it off and pop the replacement right back (but I haven't tried this).

I appreciate your help.
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Candy Prominence Red

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