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I have just bought a 2003 Honda Goldwing Non ABS. My 1800 does not fall within the vins for recall nor does it have any cracks. The ECM was replaced the day I picked up the bike. I have mixed feeling about what is happening and so far I love my Goldwing. If my bike does not fall within these vins should I still worry. I called Honda and the said the reason why all the frames for those vins are having problems is because Honda has a five step production cycle. For example A,B,C,D,E if that order is the fastest way to put the bike together they will do it that way, but if ACDFB is faster they will do it that way. And what Honda told me was the changed the production cycle and the bikes did not get the proper checks.
So if you could please give me the good and the bad, and what i should do, and how and where if i should check my bike for cracks.
Thank you

I have a new 2003 that was NOT in the crack recall....I wouldn't have a cow over these issues. Things tend to get heated in this forum. Keep a good relationship with a good dealer and as you should anyway inspect the bike often for ANY defects. I've yet to see a wing fall apart and the rider go flying....cracks have shown up on SOME bikes and Honda has fixed or replaced frames. This is all I know. As a owner I will keep informed, thats my best tool for now.
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