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Hi Dark siders US

I am a Dark sider from Europe living in Sweden. I am quite alone. I know one, my buddy running CT on his 1500.
I've only driven on the Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 ZP (Run Flat) on my 1800. It was the only tire I could find in Europe that had the same name here as in the United States.

I am extremely happy with that tire both with driving characteristics and mileage, but everything finally takes off. It is now time to get a new CT and unfortunately it is not possible to buy Michelin Primacy Alpin as Run flat here in Europe anymore. It doesn't seem to go to buy in the US

Have seen that many members recommend
Bridgestone Driveguard Run Flat
Various Pirelli tyres Snowcontrol and Cinturato both Run flat

I need help with what the tires are called. Exactly the entire tire name. This is to be able to compare and see if the tires are in Europe.

For example, Bridgestone is called:
Bridgestone DriveGuard Winter RFT 195/55 R16 91H XL run flat here in Europe.
What exactly is it called in THE US?

Which of these tires is the most similar to Michelin Prmacy Alpine and gives the most mileage?

Can you use the Michelin Primacy summer tire Run flat instead?

Please give me your experiences.

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This is from Tire
Hope it helps

Bridgestone DriveGuardBridgestone DriveGuardBridgestone DriveGuard
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Grand Touring All-Season
(288) |Reviews (266) Details & Pricing
Size: 195/55RF16
With RunFlat Extended Mobility
Serv. Desc: 87V
UTQG: 500 A A
Qty:per Tire:

$140.99 Availability: In Stock Can be delivered Thu, 10/17 to 38481 Free Shipping
563.96$Set of 4:Free Road Hazard

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Somewhere on here was info on all the different rf people use/ available !! Try google darkside tires - or just darkside
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