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The most common coating found on Wing wheels is ......Road Grime! :joke:

If you want to clear coat them I suggest you find a shop that can do it with the two-component polyurethane clear coat. It's chemically hardened and will be clear, hard enough to resist scratching and will have UV additives to keep it from turning yellow.
Also...if the bike is not new....special care needs to be taken to clean/prep the aluminum for the clear coat. I've seen some wheels shed their clear coat like a snake skin. :lol:

If you want to clear coat the wheels it would make sense to get the m looking good first.
And if you do that.... you may not even go the final step of coating them.
Sanding, buffing,polishing and waxing the wheel will make the surface look almost like chrone, and it will be smooth enough that grime doesn't accumulate as much as it does on the OEM surface. It will still get dirty....just not as fast.
It will be a lot less prone to oxidation as the polished surface is more "sealed" than the rough OEM surface......and of course....the wax helps just about everything. :lol:

And one more comment..... if you clear coat them....even if it's with the hardened coating...... you have to be extra careful not to chip the coating when changing tires.

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