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Hi people,

I just got my fourth nail in 4 months. This one trashed another near new G704 (total now 2) with 3,000 miles on it. The 3" nail went in through the tread and out through the sidewall.

I am ready for the darkside.

I have done a lot of searching and apart from the bickering about instant death (my choice surely) I have found Toyo and Dunlops mentioned mostly.

Did some on-line tire company searches and found there are about a dozen different models of tire just for those two brands.

I am going for the 195/55-16 so can people with car tire experience please tell me the...



Tire pressures you are running.

Where you bought them.

I have not found many places with that size in stock. I live in AZ so snow and ice are not a real concern. I am looking for the lower cost range with good wear life. I don't feel the need for run-flat and rarely do above 100mph.

Much thanks to Richard h, Kandgo, AKLDRider, 10003hd and several others I have forgotten for their factual information that I found during my search.

Thanks so much.

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