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First, thanks to everyone who responded to my questions about installing the Wig-Wag. Like many of you I only wanted the trunk lights to Wiggle.

I read all the posts and printed the photos. BUT A WARNING . . .for 2006 the wiring for the trunk lights has changed. Instead of having 2 brake wires (GREEN/RED) going to each side of the trunk there is only one on each side. In essence the 2 lights on each side are wired as one so there is no way for the Wig-Wag to make them wiggle.

You should have seen my face when I cut open the wire harnesses and found only 5 wires on each side rather than 6. I thought I was nuts or something.

The Wig-Wag unit ended up working just like the original Back-Off unit. When you hit the brakes the lights pulse quickly, then more slowly and then stay on bright for a few seconds and then the pattern repeats itself.

It is still effective but not the wiggle I had hoped for. So if you're looking for the trunk lights to wiggle - forget about it.

I do not know what would happen with the lower saddle bag lights since I did not look at its wiring.

Thanks again - RIDE SAFE


PS: I'm in NC on my way to Daytona and them off to the Florida Keys - Sure beats working!
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