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I headed out for a halfday of work Friday 6am, bike loaded and temps around 45 degrees, still dark out. I enjoyed my ride backroad 60 miles to Toccoa,GA where I work but wanted to keep riding (as usual). I checked out of work at 1pm, gear on, still chewing my last bite of lunch as I walked to my wing. A quick check for distance from Toccoa to Traxxion indicated 110 miles if I took the direct way (I didn't). I ended up riding ~ 200 miles through the Ga mtns, kind of a warm up for Sat. befor reaching Traxxion around 545pm. Trailsman greeted me and I just hung around for awhile talking mostly with motorcyclemom40 about her adventure(s). We then got in line and followed trialsman for a dinner ride where I met others including bloodbought1 and jamie, the 4 of us agreed to meet in the morning and head for Deals gap/Cherohala skyway.
Dinner ride Friday evening:

I got back to my hotel later than most I guess, I had to ride a little further in the dark and cold to save a few$$$ (not always a good idea).
Sat. a.m. I met Bloodbought1 for an early breakfast at Wafflehouse, good thing 'cause Ryans wasn't open when we met the others at 7am (sorry gang I didn't know that). Jamie made due with a powerbar, motorcyclemom40 and panther were fed and ready to go so off we went. It was now light and 45 degrees.~2 hours into the ride of mostly 4 lane then staggered formation we passed the left turn on 129 that would take you to Robbinsville, NC and the direct route to Dealsgap. We had all ridden the gap in the past and nobody really wanted to ride it this time so we decided instead to ride over to 28 and ride north along Fontana to the start of Deals gap then hang out at the store and head south to the Cherohala skyway and head back to Traxxion for BBQ.
Thats when the road got twisty and fast which may have caught Bloodbought1 a little off gaurd as he rode behind me. We were going downhill in a twitsy 2 lane at about 50mph (+/- 10over as discussed) when I glanced in my mirror to see how everybody was doing I saw a wing (motorcyclemom40) in the other lane then they all pulled over onto the side of the road. Turns out bloodbought1 has a peg lowering kit on his bike which dug in and kicked his rear end out sending him in the dirt when he corrected for going a little off line. Motorcyclemom40 knew the other lane was open and swerved to avoid him coming back onto the road.
Nobody was hurt (praise God), bloodbought1 did a great job of riding it out and correcting the bike and not panicking. His low peg and mount were broken, thankfull he had the mick-o-peg to use between shifts. We called Depot Power Center an hour away in Blairsville GA, the shop I always go to for great service and price. George, the GM agreed to let us take the peg off a showroom GL1800 so we could carry on, kudos to him and the gang, they have never let me down!

George, Depot Power Center GM and bloodbought1 (happy again!)

All was not lost, we decided to ride the north Ga mtns for the day and head over to 129, over blood mtn and head for Turners Corner Cafe for some lunch where we ran into irnbutt, trialsman and I met toyo and yellowwolf. Our gang is from left: panther from GA, jamie from MN, motorcyclemom40 from the U.S.(just kidding OH), bloodbought1 from TN and yours truly daddysbike from GA.

After a filling lunch we rode 19 over to twisty 60 to t.w.o. (two wheels only)
daddysbike, bloodbought1, motorcyclemom40, panther, jamie

bloodbought1 and his blue wing with new pegs (and clearance for twisties)

While at t.w.o. we met up with gwyellow1 from Dallas....Georgia that is. He joined us for the rest of the ride which included continuing 60 north toward Morganton then taking some great backroads over toward Ellijay, Ga then scenic 52 over to scenic and twisty 136 to Burnt mtn for some great rides and photos:
That's gwyellow1 on the right (in yellow) with the rest of us behind my cherry wing

Right after this photo was taken:

We heard that unmistakeable roar that only a 6 cyclinder 1800 can make, and one thats wicked up pretty good when ridden by yellowwolf!
Sorry no photo for that, camera was not handy but he came flying around that corner and started to brake when he saw us but could not safely pull over as the rest of Toyo and the gang was close behind racing toward Traxxion and dinner.

We continued on 136 'til we got back to 515 for the short jaunt on the slab to Traxxion for BBQ, seminars and just plain old fun.

Yellowwolf had his amazing 1800RR setup with cameras on display, playing a DVD in the trunk of some of his skillful riding while filming others.
I could not stay too late and missed the seminars, I promised my wife and 2yr old and 4yr old on Thursday evening when I last saw them that I'd be back Sat. nite and still had 100 miles of backroads to get home (in the dark).
I ride ~25k miles/yr, over 24000 of which are alone. I meet up and ride with a stranger on occasion or one of my riding buddies, sometimes my wife joins me for a day trip. I thought I'd venture out and join the community for the day, I'm glad I did!
I had met trialsman, helmetdance, irnbutt and his wife Mirtes a week or so before and rode with them for the day and look forward to joining them again.
If you are like me and ride mostly alone, I encourage you to join some other riders who share your passion, you won't regret it. I enjoyed everything from getting in line for the dinner ride Friday evening to riding 350 miles Sat. with my small group. I still love to ride alone most of the time, its just easier and some may say safer. Its sure more convienent to stop and go when you like and ride where you want but its also nice to share the experience with other wingers who have the same passion as you andjust plain get it!
Thanks for all who put forth the effort to bring us Wingstock and thanks for all the riders who came from everywhere to make it a great experience.
My odometer indicated over 700 miles since I left my house for work Friday morning until I got home Sat. evening, it really didn't feel like it (as usual)
I thought it awesome how motorcyclemom40 is logging some serious miles throughout this great country and how jamie roadtripped down in a day from MN to join us and hoofed back up after.
All of my miles are in GA/NC/TN, mostly GA/NC mtns with a trip once/twice/yr to Blueridge parkway for a couple days. I'm lucky my wife lets me ride when I want while she watches my 2yr old boy and 4yr old girl that I plan to spend more time with over these next 15yrs as they grow. I plan to do a good trip once/twice a year to get out and hit some of those roads that I drool over in Roadrunner magazine every month! then when the kids are grown and gone I'll meet up with you for an event in your town!
In the meantime if you're headed to GA and want to meet in the mtns for lunch/ride just send me a pm and I'll be glad to meet you and guide you for the day if needed.


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That was very very nice of them boys at the Depot Power Center.

I want to say Kudos to them and that I'm glad you all had fun and no one got hurt.......except for the footpeg 8)

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Daddysbike, it was very nice to meet you. Thank you soooo much for the
picture of the wife & myself. I cut & copied it. Glad I did the more mellow
ride on Saturday, as it was almost too much in a couple of turns (but fun)


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Nice report Steve. It was good to meet everyone and what a great day to ride. Look forward to riding with you again.


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Awesome write up...explained it all.....sure did enjoy myself......was good to get to know you all.

Be Blessed

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Thanks for laying it all out and like you am a lone rider but have been trying to make one of these rides for quite awhile, missed CatsCade because of work ah hell I missed all of them because of work, but glad this one worked out. I loved the ride you and Panther put on an would love to make it again with you guys.

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