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? Wiring a radar detector

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Question I have, is there someplace easy to get power for a radar detector to the right handle bar? Is there power under the right hand pocket? I do not have any gauges on the right side. I have not looked yet but I will be looking at it this weekend if I get the cord in. I know I can run a wire across to the left hand box because I have a cigarette light in there. Thought I would ask can always get great information here.

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You can put a cigarette lighter plug any place you have the room. I have one in each pocket, and another 'always hot' in the trunk lid.

The pocket ones are switched, and both run off the same 5 amp fuze the left on has - just splice into the wires and run them across. But all I use them for is charge the camera battery and the cell phone. Total load is less than an amp. Physically, there is enough room behind the right hand pocket, just do not get it too high to hit the cowl.
There is power in that right hand pocket?
From 01 to 05 there is a 12v available under the right faring pocket, if it isn't used for aftermarket heated grips. 06 and up, it's gone and a EC kit would have to be installed to get 12v over there.
You've got a couple of choices.

You can route the power cord from the right grip to the 12V connector in front of the left fairing pocket. The connector is designed for the 12V cigarette lighter and will handle a couple of amps.

The other option is to remove the seat and battery compartment cover and run wires from the aux contacts on the fuse panel [5A] to the right handlebar area.

I initially installed the cigarette lighter but, imo, it was a waste of money. To use it means keeping the compartment cover open and plugging in a connector severely reduces storage capability. It might be good for a short term charge but for extended operation, it's not as usable as I thought.

I installed my Zumo 550 and connected it to the 12V connector.

When I wanted to install the 2nd GPS and Escort I decided the current draw would either max or exceed the fuse rating of the wires. I ran a separate power wire with a Type N power connector from the battery to just below the right brake reservoir. Now I've got 5A of power and the installation looks much neater. If you need more power than 5A then running the power cable to the battery through a fuse is the step I'd take but so far the GPS & Escort draw about 2A.

There are very creative folks here and I'm sure they've got come great ideas but this works for me.
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