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Can someone post a wiring diagram for the brake lamps?

I was trouble shooting the reason that my brake lamps arent working on my HF trailer. Everything else (R & L turns, running lamps, 4 ways, etc.) is working fine. I have installed the 5 wire to 4 wire converter (wal mart 19.00) and all is okay except the brake lamps.

I tested the trailer the make sure the brake lamps were working by connecting the brake lamp wire to the bike's running lamp wire and the brake lamps are working but obviously the lamps would remain very bright because the running lamp wire is hot constantly.

At that point I began to check the isolator installed on the bike and I noticed that the blue wire (for brake lamps) wasnt even hooked up and appeared to have never been connected. So I believe I've found my problem.

Hense, the reason I'm asking for a wiring diagram for the brake lamps. I need to know which wire (brake lamps) to connect the isolator wire to so the bike will send the brake lamp signal to the isolator.

The original owner did all of the wiring on the bike so I'm retracing the wiring and making corrections. When I purchased the bike the ball mount looked new like it had not been used. I guess it wasnt.

All lamps are working correctly on my bike.

Any and all help and suggestions will be appreciated.
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