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Sunday morning, I took the Wing for a ride, testing out the new Windbender HP I had just installed, taking Suisun Valley Rd to Wooden Valley Rd to Monticello Rd, and then turned around and went home when I made it to Hwy 128. I would have liked to have kept going, but I had to be back home for the cable installer.

I have ridden this road before, but first in the '96 Impala, and second with my fiance on the back.

Lots of twists and turns with elevation changes thrown in, and some beautiful scenery thrown in. I find it to be a very challenging road, and figure it will take me quite a while to master it. At first I was actually pulling over for cars to pass, but by the end of the road I was coming up on those cars and only having to pull over for other bikes.

Coming back down, I was often facing the blinding sun, so it would be better to wait until later in the day to head back toward Cordelia.

Oh, I LOVE the Windbender HP. Much less wind than with the -2 stocker.
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