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World Super Bike Race!

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Did you guys watch any of the World Super Bike race on Speed yesterday? Our Fellow American, Ben Spies was on the pole in the land Down Under @ Phillip Island, Australia. In race 1 he was punted off the track and came back to finish 16th. In race 2 he won! Nice showing for the only for the only American in the race!! Congrats Ben!

Race 2 will be shown on Tuesday @ 1:00 pm On Speed Channel. Very impressive young man.:congrats:
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I watched race 1. It is so cool watching those guys drift a bike while at least partially in control.

The first time I saw Kenny Roberts (Yamaha) do that at Daytona infield turns back in 1975, I thought he was crashing every corner. Sure passed a lot of other riders that way though.
I watched also. Ben's a great rider and I think he'll be riding motoGP in no time. I'm looking forward to watching him race WSB this year and can't wait for motoGP to start.
AMA superbike will now just be Matt checking out in the first lap playing king of the hill instead of challenging himself like Ben did (and Nicky, Colin etc).

I kinda of think the same thing but I will be at the Daytona Speedway Thursday afternoon (3:00 pm) to watch it happen.
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