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Okay guys, I don't know crapolla about headsets but I understand J&M is something of a standard. I need to be able to put the speakers in a modular or full face helmet and it would hopefully have a boom mic so I could talk to someone on the phone. And because of the phone issue, I would like something that is able to integrate with a GPS for phone usage and listening to music. The bottom cord would be needed too.

So, if you an help, I'd appreciate it. I think I can get new for about $250 will all the stuff but I'd really hope to not have to come anywhere near that price. If you have an old one that is just gathering dust, be gentle and I might just take it off your hands.

I don't get to check this forum as much as I would like. E-mail me at [email protected] . I am able to check that more frequently and it will allow for easier conversations. Thanks in advance.

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