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I decided to dive in the pool and get one of the Sat radios.
Remember, don't test the depth of the water with both feet.

First, I am a novice at new audio technology. If is is not
"The Green Hornet" on a super-hetrodyne circuit in a stand
alone 'entertainment center' that also has a 78 rpm turntable,
you have lost me.

Anyway, after asking some questions here, talking to some
folks there, etc. I plunked down the plastic and went home with
a Delphi Roady and high hopes. First then installation process.

It is a no-brainer to put it on a Goldwing 1800. But first you must
have a cigarette lighter plug intalled. (Mine is in the left pocket, and
a Honda line, but also avail from HDL) Second, you must have
the Aux input cable that came with the bike installed. On my 01,
it was in the package with the owners manual, and I think they
are in place in the newer models. Again, in the left pocket. If these
components are in place, plug the input cable to the Roady, plug
the combination 6 volt power supply-lighter plug into the cigarette
lighter, plug the Roady antenna (20' long wire) into the Roady, and
turn on the key, turn on the audio, go to AUX. Thats it - three wires.
Call for activation - takes about an hour. Now you can spend two
weeks deciding where to mount it, how to attach it, but its working.

First thing I did was pull the magnet out of the antenna base. Figure
with the speakers, radios, etc there are enough magnetic fields around
without a few more. I used velcro and put the antenna on the dash.
Am now thinking about top of the mirror.

I also have a Garmin GPS V on the bike, but I use a remote 8db gain
antenna on a 3' cord that also has the magnets pulled out and is held
on by velcro on the other side of the dash. The two seem to co-exist
without problems. One plays music, other tells me where I am.

Now what I have noticed. The Roady has some areas it don't like.
It don't like roads in deep canyons that go East-West, it don't like
some parts of downtown Tacoma (don't blame it), and it dont like
some parts of the Oregon coast or the Columbia River Gorge. In
a total of twelve hours riding time, it lost signal a grand total of about
six or seven minutes. I also notice the Garmin V lost signal in
some of the same areas, but far less often.

I just got a combo cig lighter plug that does away with the Aux plug
and lets you receive the SM on the bike FM radio, but have not tried
it yet. Waiting for a break in the weather, and I'll try it out. Have not
put in a ground loop isolator, nor have I put in a ground plane.
It works, and if it ain't broke....

The unit is VERY portable, going from bike to car is a breeze. And it
goes in a GL 1500 even quicker - the 1500 has a tape deck.

After one trip, I can understand why users say "Don't leave home
without it." Pricing is about $120 at Good guys, and $10/month
subscription, but is well worth while for me.

This is my opinion, and remember what you paid for it.
That what its worth.

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Man, IR Harry, you are selling me. I have
been wanting one. My wife bought me this
Sirius Millinium Unit for X-mas. We are talking
WAY too many items, wires, etc., and it was
a permanent mount. I wants something that
can also pluged into the AUX input in my truck
stereo. Needless to say, she took it back,
and Boater's World (chain-franchise) took
it back no problems what so ever. Refunded
her 100%, nice guys, opps, I mean people.

I will have to check that Delphi Roady.

Thanks, Herb

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Question about the XM radio

Hi Harry,

Thanks for the great information! You wrote "I just got a combo cig lighter plug that does away with the Aux plug
and lets you receive the SM on the bike FM radio, but have not tried
it yet."

Can you elaborate on this a bit? What's SM? What is the combo? Where'd you get it, who makes it and what exactly does it do?

I don't have a lighter outlet on my bike yet and always like to keep gizmos down to a mimimum.

'03 Black
Bellevue, WA

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Cig lighter plug SM isn't wlhat I meant to type
XM is what I meant.

The original Roady unit has three plug-ins - antenna, power, output.

The original power plug is a 12 volt to 6 volt converter combination with
about 8 feet of wire and a plug into the unit. The output original unit
comes with a pin plug on the unit end and a card that fits into the
cassette player on the vehicle. On the GL1800, no cassette, so we
don't use the card and cord, but we have the AUX wire that came
with the bike. It fits into the Roady in the same hole as the cassette
cord. Net result is, on the 1800 use our AUX input leads, on a 1500
use the cassette cord.

The cigarette lighter combo I got (by Delphi, on the shelf next to the Roadys, 29.95 plus tax) is a cord that fits into the lighter and looks like the original except for a little "horn" on it. On the other end of the
cord is two (2) plugs; one for the power in, the other for the output
(that the cassette cord used to go into). Plug both of those in, and
to listen to the Roady, put the Audio on to FM and tune in 88.1 or something.

I think the cig plug becomes a short (5') range FM transmitter.
Anyway, you hear the tunes in the headphones or speakers, and
it sounds good to my HiFi 65 year old ears.

Its a real kick - all the excess wiring that comes with the unit will
fill a 30 yard dumpster. I mean, it is only 8 feet from one end of
a bike to the other, so why 20' of wire? I've seen Peterbuilts with
less wiring.

And to make it even more interesting, the make home kits for
these units. Think how much wire those must have.

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By the way, Dave

I think a cigarette lighter plug in is the way to go in this case.
That is because the unit is powered by 6 volt, and if we are
going to hardwire, we have to remember to put a converter
in line to get from our 14 or 12 volts to 6. So, path of least
resistance is lighter plug. Combo plug or AUX input - take
your pick.

Remember, Hal and HDL LOVES US.

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if you look in your roady manual, you will see a chart as to signal quality. this will show that useing anything except the aux input to transfer signal comes with a signal loss.

useing a wireless fm modulator gives you the lowest quality signal of the four methods to transfer signal.

the micro antenna that comes with the roady can be upgraded to a much more powerful unit for about $ 30. there is a specialty talk board called that discusses xm radio. most people claim the upgraded antenna works much better than the standard one. you can order one from the sponsor of the board.

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