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XM radio

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which is the latest version of XM radio? I see Roady2 and Roady XT. What is the difference. Where have you mounted them? thanks ic
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ivanhoe said:
.... My bike has a 6 cd changer and the changer is hard wired into that plug. Will the FM tuner work or should I figure out how to split the lead? ic
If the CD changer is OEM, then it doesn't use the AUX input.

But the FM modulator should work fine with a little bit of tweaking every now and then as you approach a station on the frequency you're using... or you might get bleedover from an adjacent channel. In those cases you might have to switch the XM and the FM to a different frequency with less interference.

If you need to share the AUX input just add a small toggle switch in the side of your left storage box to select the input you want.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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