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Yellow 01 ABS?

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I have a friend who needs an interim bike to use until the 05s come out. He would like yellow. Anyone know of a low mileage undamaged Yellow 01 with ABS? Must have ABS. Should be 01.

He is recuperating from a collision with a kid doing an illegal U turn. Stewart totaled his Sabre and had a helicopter ride which ws his second flight. His first was after hitting the car almost head on and flying high over it.

He had a yellow 01 non ABS which he sold while recuperating, anticipating replacing it with a yellow 04 ABS. They did not do yellow in 04 and he, like some other of my friends who want either yellow, orange or Blue, just will not buy a new wing until the color they want is available. All want new ABS bikes. Three have crashed their non ABS by locking up the wheels. I would not have bought a new bike if I had not totaled my 01 Blue because of locking up the wheels. I wont buy another until the color comes back. Honda could sell more Wings if they had the colors.

One of the Wing riders that was going to get an 04 orange, decided to get a pickup instead and kepp his 1500 until Honda does the colors.

I rode my 93 Teal 8 years until the Pearl Blue 01 came out. Still ride my 93.

Honda has Catsup RED, Candy RED, Black RED Cherry, Magenta shade of RED, No color of Blue, No color of Yellow. Makes you wonder about the RED. (I have a Candy RED). I stare at it to try to turn it blue, but it doesnt work. It is a very good bike, but would be absolutely perfect if it was Pearl Blue.
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I don't know where one is Tom...but thats why I hurried up and got my 03 yellow instead of getting an 04....there are people that like black and red and red and black...I'm just not one of em :D
yellow abs

I think this ol Hoss will keep on trucking towards retirement on his yellow abs 01 model.
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FDR Honda in Paducah has a new yellow '03 ABS in their showroom.
Yellow ABS

Eagle Eye,

I told my friend about it. Unfortuantely, it is loaded and my friend Stewart has no interest in CB or Disk or Chrome,etc.

He is looking for a bike like this but priced for an interim bike. He sold his 01-Yellow non ABS last year for $11,900. with 39,000 miles on it. He intended to get a yellow 04 ABS. They want $16,000 for the one in the add. You can get an 04 ABS for $17,500 but not in yellow.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Look at this one - in our back yard
I too love the yellow color, so I bought one of the last '03 yellow ones my local dealer had. But since Honda does not offer a yellow '04 and may not offer one in '05, I wonder what it costs to have it painted a color that makes you happy. I think that is what I would do if I was not able to find one in a color that I was happy with. The bike is top notch, and the color has to be pleasing to the owner, so I'm wondering why no one has ever had the tupperware painted. May be an option. :wink:
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