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And I'm thankful for it!

Several days ago, my eternal valentine told me she was tired of being cooped up in the house and needed some wind therapy. It was not a statement of passing interest. It was an edict...and as a faithful, loving husband, I was honor bound to follow that "suggestion" in going for a motor-scooter ride.

For clarity, please take a look at my avatar as it explains much. Yes, that's me on the right.

So off we go enjoying such a brilliant blue amongst the largest stand of Ponderosa Pine trees in the world, heading east out of Payson.

Just a short little ride to Heber/Overgaard to the Dollar General store, looking for cleaning supplies.

Good thing I attached the Aluma MCT and several bags of goodies later, it was time to head west.

And yes! I scored the very LAST package of white gold on their shelves! And it was a 12 roller to boot! Double bonus points! (not to mention white chocolate bunnies!)

Oh yeah, the weather was a bit cool in the 50's atop the Rim, but it was still nice to get our knees in the breeze.

Have a nice day, my fellow Arizonan's!

- David

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Oh, the abuse we take from our loving brides! o_O

Well, I think a ride to that Dollar General is in order! It's a nice 300 mile round trip..if I don't detour through Show Low and Globe... :unsure:

But, alas...there are other demands being put on me. I can only go as far as the driveway, as it will be moved out of the garage while a little organizing takes place. Maybe later I can practice riding circles in the cul-de-sac... 馃槆

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Good for you to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Deb and I got out today for a couple of hours. Rode 74 north toward Wickenburg and then grabbed 60 back south exploring some dead-end roads forcing us to turn around and try another road...oh well. Anyway it's good to get out and "blow the stink off"! Still waiting for the side-by-side club to stop canceling events and get back to the desert riding again. Cabin fever is no fun either.
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