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You Trikers Ain't Right!!
A poem Inspired by our good friend from Tennessee!:thumbup:

Who says we're not right 'cause we know how to fight?
We pick on each other then we call ourselves Brother.
You see we're a family all different and caring
We love what we ride and we find ourselves sharing.:wink:

We share our opinions, we share what we hate
We share what works best and sometimes we can’t wait.
We all know the answers to the questions above
And even if not we give it our love.:shock:

Now bikers do wonder how we’ve made such a blunder
We gave up the leanin’ and they think all the thunder.:roll:
But we know the secret to ridin’ in safety
It simple it’s easy we’re not all that crazy!:eek:

A three wheeled beast is choice that was made
Then we ride it and ride it and sit in the shade
Then it’s our turn to ponder why Bikers ain’t right?:shrug:
And the answer is easy…….they just ain’t that bright!:cry:

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Sounds like it has a lot of truth in it!;)

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