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I have had this thing about 6 months now. I got to use it in a Pickup truck on my way to Key West and back. I was a little dissapointed at first because It didn't have some features I liked from another Garmin I had. Like How many miles to the end of trip etc.
This last trip to Key West was very informative for me.
For those that aren't experts on this thing but have one. You should just touch different parts of the Screen.
IE If you have a route running. Up top tells you where you are at the time or what you are looking for , for the next turn. Click that. More info pops up.
There are four hard buttons on the left. The one with a square has cool features on it.
Tapping the Next turn on the right hand lower side gives similar info when no route is running.
Of course tapping your speed on the lower left hand side has all your Odometer, fuel, topspeed and averages.
This thing is alot better than I ever thought it was.
Don't be afraid to Play with those Buttons.
Just make sure you don't crash doing so.

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You can indeed get the total miles and time remaining for a trip...

When on the map screen in a route, press the green bar at the top that you mentioned. When you get to the next screen press the "Show Map" button at the bottom of the screen. The next screen will show you a zoomed out view of your entire route, and will include the total distance and time left for the entire route.

Also, is a good place to get more info on the features of the 550.

I really like mine.

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